Отзывы коллег

  • Sulev Raik
    Экс-управляющий фонда SEB Russia Fund
    29 July 2018
    I have worked with Maxim during 2005-2007, while I was managing SEB Russia Fund. During this time Maxim was a great help, delivered strong support for my investment views. I have high regard for his professional skills. I consider Maxim to be trustworthy, respectable, of good repute and I look forward to continuing business relations with him.
    (SEB Russia Fund was one of the largest institutional investors in Russian Equity Market with Assets under Management USD 1 bil + in 2007).
  • Роман Филатов
    Заместитель Директора, Управление Инвестиций НПФ Сбербанк
    28 May 2018
    Я активно сотрудничал с Максимом Ачкасовым во время моей работы в должности Управляющего Директора, руководителя московского офиса Templeton Asset Management. Действия Максима всегда отличались профессионализмом, компетентностью. Максим обладает глубокими знаниями международных фондовых рынков и финансовой системы. Я всегда готов к деловому сотрудничество с Максимом.
  • Ari-Pekka Hildén
    Formerly Head of Equities at Varma Mutual
    30 October 2012
    I worked closely with Maxim during my years in Varma. Varma was one of the largest investors in OP Pohjola Russia Fund. During very challenging times Maxim delivered exceptional results and was strong support and important advisor for me. I would like to endorse his skills as an Investment manager and advisor as well as highlight his deep understanding in Former Soviet Union markets and local politics.

    Ari-Pekka Hildén, Founder and CEO at Lighthouse Capital Oy (Formerly Head of Equities at Varma Mutual, one of the largest Finnish Institutional Investors with Assets Under Management EUR 20 bil+, large investor in OP Russia Fund, co-managed by Maxim Achkasov during 2008-2011).

  • Petteri Joensuu
    Senior Advisor, Mandatum Life Insurance
    25 March 2012
    Maxim has in-depth knowledge of Russian equity markets. He reads the markets creatively and has been a great partner in these difficult times (2008-09). Maxim´s people skills are outstanding.
    Petteri Joensuu, formerly Chief Investment Officer at Suomi Mutual ( Large Finnish Insurance Company with Assets under Management EUR 4 Bil+) , the largest investor in OP Russia Fund, co-managed by Maxim Achkasov during 2008- 2011.
  • Александр Пухаев
    Deputy Global Head of Fixed Income, VTB Capital
    22 November 2009
    We have worked with Maxim in UFG which was a smallish local investment house and then DB which was a global investment bank. I think people like Maxim are making the environment in any company feeling as if this is a friends and family business. And it is even greater if those things fit well with professionalism and success.